Beth Rennig

Reiki Energy Healing

Reiki is one of the most gentle holistic practices. Originating from ancient practices of the Shamans of the in the East, the practice of both giving and receiving Reiki has grown quite popular and beloved all over the world. Many find Reiki opens a deep pathway to connect our mind, body, and soul. After a session with Beth, people share that they feel clearer, recharged and ready to take on challenges they may be facing in their own life, and in the collective consciousness. Beth Rennig is a certified and trusted Reiki Master and specializes in performing Reiki healing sessions for adults and children in a safe and supportive space. Sessions are available at several mountaintop locations (see listings below). She also provides Reiki training to those looking to learn how to practice and administer Reiki healing for themselves and to others. Upcoming classes will be posted here and on the Pure Mountain Yoga website. Contact Beth directly to register.

Services Offered

Reiki Sessions

Reiki healing energy is a gentle, hands-on healing method. Reiki brings deep relaxation and helps your body to initiate its own healing response. ~ Private Reiki session with Beth can be in person, or remotely (phone/video)

Matrix Energetics

Matrix Energetics is based on the research of quantum physics and consciousness technology. It’s a system of healing and transformation that was developed by Dr. Richard Bartlett. A session with Beth can be in person or remotely.

Phone Consultation

Complimentary 15 minute phone consultation.

Kids Reiki

Reiki sessions for babies, children and teens. *Parent/guardian must be present.

Reiki Clinic

Specific Clinic days will be listed monthly. $25 for 20 minutes, or $35 for 30 minutes. Registration required.

Group Reiki

Occasionally, I team up with yoga instructors or other practitioners in which to include mini sessions of Reiki.

Pure Mountain Yoga

Private Reiki Sessions and Reiki Trainings (Tannersville, NY)

Wellness Rx

Private Reiki Sessions Tannersville, NY

Mountain Breeze Yoga

Private & Group Reiki Sessions (Windham, NY)

My Story

“In 2003, I was first introduced to the benefits of Reiki energy healing. I was so intrigued and decided to begin formal studies thirteen years later. Completing Master and Teacher certifications in early 2016. This same year, I made a hard left in my career, and departed a successful corporate position. Since then, I have been a practicing Reiki healer and teacher.

With my natal chart pointing directly to a vocation as a healer, I have dedicated my work to the healing arts and helping others attain better health and well being.” – Beth Rennig