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Workshops and Reiki training classes  

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  • Reiki Level One certification training – $130 January 4-5th, 2020 @ Pure Mountain Yoga in Tannersville, NY.
  • Reiki Level Two certification training – $130 February 2nd, 2020 @ Pure Mountain Yoga in Tannersville, NY.
  • Reiki Master / Level 3 certification training – $150  Coming soon
  • Reiki Master Teacher certification training – $200  Coming soon

I am happy to answer questions by phone call or email.  518-888-6748  Email:

There is quite a bit to know Reiki, however it is a very accessible practice. One that anyone can do. Even children. One of the tenets, or main beliefs is that in practicing Reiki we do no harm. By learning how to relax our mind and body, we can tap into the field of Reiki energy that is present for anyone looking to do no harm and bring about healing, and nourishment for mind, body, and soul. You do not need to be a deeply spiritual person, or have studied mindfulness. If you are ready to move towards, calm, clarity, and open to change, in the best way possible for you, then Reiki is ready for you.

I believe in passing along the information in a way that you can absorb and practice right away. As a lifelong student, I try to keep the classes engaging, and not too serious. My experience has been that we learn better when we enjoy what we are doing.

The Reiki certification classes I teach include information about Usui’s teachings, his mentors, and Reiki’s origins prior to Usui and migration to Hawaii. My teacher, Mitch Nur, is one of 50 western students who has been trained in what is considered to be the oldest form of Reiki, the Long Life teachings from central Asia that eventually found it’s way to Japan in the 7th century AD. You will not readily find this information in Reiki certification courses. While Reiki taught and performed according to western practice can have wonderful results, it is highly advisable to learn its origins. This includes the lineage, symbols used at the time, and receive information researched and verified by Mitch through years of communication with the Gakkai.

Reiki 1 Certification:  Reiki is an energy healing practice taught first to “heal the healer”, then to begin working on close loved ones. Much of the material taught is so that you begin with you healing yourself first, right away. We’ll cover chakras, energy pathways, sensing the bio-field (aura), and the protocol for working on others. This is a 2 day training, and many find the information at this level suits their needs for learning and practicing Reiki. (No prerequisite studies)

Reiki 2 Certification*: This is an extension of level one practice while furthering into distance healing and use of sacred symbols, and how to ethically perform a distance healing. Some report this level training fine-tuned their developing senses into the subtle realms. (*prerequisite studies: Reiki Level 1 with me, or other Reiki Master Teacher)

Reiki 3/Master Certification*: Third level (“master”) is considered to complete the process of opening the energy channels for healing and spiritual guidance. Some prefer to continue healing just themselves, pets, family and close friends. Others continue their studies to become a practitioner. (*prerequisite studies: Reiki Levels 1 and 2 with me or other RMT)

Reiki 3 Advanced/Teaching: By invitation only.  For the Reiki Master who wishes to learn how to teach and attune Reiki students. Before advancing to Reiki Master Teacher certification studies, I recommend that you have actively continued your Reiki studies and meditation practice. It is also beneficial to attend Reiki shares (practice with other Reiki attuned people). Please contact me to discuss a meeting where we can discuss your studies and goals. I love to support others in growing their vocation. It is an honor to pass down the teachings that will help you build your own Reiki practice and teachings. Please know that I respect everyone’s place in the universe, however different we may be. I respectfully, will not attune Reiki Master Teachers who are just looking for a financial outlet.